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You want to move on, take the next step but something is stopping you even though you can identify yourself as a driven person. Does it feel like you have the same routines everyday? Work, eat, sleep – repeat. Nothing is wrong, really, you’re okay with your job and it pays the bills. Life is happening and still you don’t feel as part of it as you would like to. The problem is not what you’re doing, but rather what you’re not doing. You’re almost living your dream but not to 100%. 

If you can relate to this, then this is where I come in. I help you access your own unique solutions for finding the change you are looking for.

Now can you imagine what it would feel to wake up every morning and do something that you’re truly passionate about? Can you imagine what it feels like to know exactly where you are going? Can you imagine how it feels to face obstacles with ease because there’s nothing holding you back? There are no questions marks. It feels great. You’re in charge!

Every day counts. Every second is precious. At any time you can make a conscious choice to start living like you want. You decide what you’re future should look like. Nothing is holding you back except yourself. And if you’ve come here, you are ready for change.


The Process

You are thinking that maybe I’m the coach for you and you’d like to know more.

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Let’s have a virtual 15-minute coffee

Coaching Packages


$ 315
  • 3 sessions (60min)
  • Ideal if you want to get a solid foundation when starting your personal development journey.


    A clear picture of your starting point. A clear picture of your goal. Knowledge of how to use your strengths and core values. Accountability if you choose to take an action step.


$ 495
  • 5 sessions (60min)
  • Ideal if you are ready for a change. Be prepared to take action and work with your own personal development on a deeper level. 


    All the benefits included in the Bronze Package. A change that you are in charge of. Several concrete action step you decide on taking. Knowledge of how to set a goal and how to include your strengths and core values.


$ 595
  • 5 sessions (60 min each). +30 min 1 session (60 min each) 6 months after the 5th session.
  • Ideal if you want to work towards your goal over a longer period and want accountability along the way.

    All the benefits from bronze and silver package. After session 5 you will get a follow-up session 6 months later. Between session 5 and 6 you can schedule a 30 min call.

Your life is more important than you may believe