Imagine the feeling of freedom that that would give. You wake up in the morning feeling great. You can plan your own schedule and what you want to achieve. All the feelings of being stuck are gone. Now, youre the one who owns your time! And even when life happens and your mood is not on top, you discover you are strong and resilient. You are able to take care of stuff – even when you prefer youd be doing something else. You prioritize, deal with things, and sail over the speed bumps. You know you are on the road towards your long-term goals…

You know life is not always like that. Right now, you feel you are meant for more, but what exactly? Its irritating. Although you are not unhappy with your job, something itches… Days pass by, months turn into years – and everyday you just go to work. Youre not sure how to solve the problem cause youre not even sure what the problem is! Everything stays the same, and all the while youre running to keep up. Talk about going nowhere fast.

If thats how you feel, I can help you turn it around. You see, the point is not to earn as much money as possible. Its finding a job that you really enjoy while earning money and it’s the feeling youre making a difference. This is where I come in. We get clarity on what you want for real. Then you (yes you, not me!) will design your solutions to get there (but of course Ill help). The next part is my favorite: we break your plans up into small action steps, and then you start test driving!

I really care about helping you find your own solutions. After all, you dont need the kind of coach that just tells you what to do. When you discover your way, thats real. It helps you commit. When you achieve your goals, you know it was you that made it happen!

I know all this because Ive been there. I had a time in my life when I was very career oriented. Unfortunately, I didnt listen to myself. Low energy, no free time, stressed and unhappy – it wasnt what I thought it would be but I was stubborn. I was bored through the roof and didnt enjoy my job. I was stuck.

In the end I decided to invest in my personal development. Slowly things started to happen. I got meaningful free time with new hobbies and started networking. But when I changed my professional direction, things suddenly sped up. A lot. My efforts to change my life were paying off, fueled by the work I was doing.

I started my own business and now I have a good balance between work, hobbies and free time. Ive created a lifestyle that suits me and Ive learnt (and still learning) how to handle the difficult times. I want to see you grow because I know what it feels like to be stuck. I can support you on your inner journey.

I’m a coach – thats not the same thing as a therapist. Im not here to help your mental wellbeing or to nurse you away from a burnout. Im here to prevent you getting stuck in the first place. When you have a suspicion that youre driving on the wrong road, I can help you find a better one. That road may lead to your new ideal job, or might mean you do your current job in a new way. It might lead to a better work-life balance, more free time and a positive feeling within you.

I’m coaching according to ICF ethics guidelines, you can find them here: https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics

I offer 1-one-1 coaching in short or long term packages. 


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